• January 4, 2013: Thanks to the following journals where poems from my third collection of poetry have appeared or are forthcoming:

    Cerise Press : "Curls"

    Passages North: "The Psychiatrist," "Death in Argentina";

    Éditions d'art Le Sabord : "Cattys,

    "Poetry International: "Death in Argentina,"

    Tygerburning Literary Journal: "Sisters,"

    Aldebaran Review : "Exiles," "A Mother Thing";

    The Bacon Review : "Daphne and the Non-Profits in the Western Hemisphere," "Andres the Barbarian," "Chiloe Island,"

    The Adroit Journal : "The Middle of this Goodbye",

    2River : "Number 7," "The Friends I Loved and Left Behind" ;

    The Cartier Review : "The Tale Of Two Uncles";

    The Café Review : "The Friends I Loved and Left Behind";

    Crack the Spine : "On Earth", "Vision"

    Parthenon West Review ; Badlands; Extracts: "Wings";

    The Acentos Review : "Edge", "Chiloe Island" ;

    The Hollins Critic : "The Breeze";

    Blue Collar Review : "Daphne" "Chiloe Island" and "Green Bills";

    Amoskeag: the Journal of Southern New Hampshire University : "Crisis."
  • January 5, 2013: Also many heartfelt thanks to the editors of Absinthe: New European Writing for accepting two poems, by Kristina Lugn, I translated from the Swedish into English. The 18th issue of Absinthe is out already. Many thanks to New Issues Press for including one of my poems, "In Manistee," in their forthcoming Michigan Anthology. To the editors of the Aldus Journal of Translation thanks for accepting two poems of Kristina Lugn. Thanks to Eyewear Publishing for accepting a manuscript to be publish in the Fall 2013 in London. Sincere thanks to Tupelo Press and its publisher Jeffrey Levine and its editor Jim Schley for accepting for publication my translation of Canto General by Pablo Neruda into English, to appear in late Fall of 2013. 2012 was a tough year but not even the storms of the Midwest could stop the writing! I'm looking forward to sharing more publications and reading more of the works of fellow writers and to continuing to write every day and everywhere!
  • I am pleased to announce that my new translation of the poetry collection Canto General by Pablo Neruda will appear April 2013 with Tupelo Press
  • I am pleased to announce that my poetry collection Exiliana is among "Popular and Recommended Books for Classes" for 2009 on SPDBooks website
  • Release of my collection of poetry House in October 2007 followed the January release of Exiliana - Right now I share my time between finishing a third book of poetry and looking for a agent and a publisher for a substantial memoir on politics and love.
  • Appointed as of September 23, 2007 the Consul General of Chile in Michigan. Come see what's happening ... Michigan Consular Corps
  • .
  • Recipient of the Wayne County Council for the Arts, History and Humanties , 'International Award 2007'! The ceremony will be held on October 4, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. at the Henry Ford Centennial Library, 16301 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI


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